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Help Preserve California’s Gold Rush Heritage!

Friends of Columbia is one of over 80 cooperating associations, working in support of state parks in California. As such, our board members, volunteers, contributors and sponsors play a vital role in keeping this important part of California history alive through programs of enrichment:

Friends of Columbia SHP Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to promote and support the preservation, educational and interpretive activities of Columbia State Historic Park through the raising and managing of funds, and to financially assist the state park in carrying out those activities.

Our Nonprofit Organization
Friends is a 501(c) (3) tax exempt nonprofit public benefit corporation (tax ID# 77-0368895) and all contributions are tax deductible. Proceeds go toward supporting Columbia State Historic Park’s educational staff, volunteers and interpretive programs throughout the year.

Through fundraising efforts and the dedication of over 200 volunteers, we are able to provide public presentations and training workshops, as well as purchasing supplies, tools, equipment, costumes and other essential items to offer historical reenactments.

We also donate funding annually for seasonal interpretive staff members, who assist in conducting a number of valuable learning activities for school children and park visitors.

One of our main goals is to create an understanding of Columbia’s prominent role in the history of Tuolumne County and California. Help us in Keeping California History Alive!

Goldrush Miner using rocker in Columbia California - Columbia State Historic ParkWe welcome any inquiries and will reply to you as soon as possible.

Friends of Columbia State Historic Park
P.O. Box 367
Columbia, California, 95310

Phone:  209-248-6707



For reservation or school program information or to cancel a reservation contact Columbiaschoolliaison@gmail.com


Friends of Columbia State Historic Park Board


Chairman  Jim de Glopper

Vice Chairman David Reid

Secretary Jane Bell

Treasurer Diana Bishop

DIRECTORS   Christine Baker, Deborah Ciccarelli, Allen DeBella, John Hand, Richard Haratani, Nikie Hobba, Jeannette Notman, Laverne Martin, Rosanne Napier, James Napier, Bill Trammell