Date(s) - 09/26/2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Columbia State Historic Park Cemetery


Stories in Stone Cemetery Tours

What better way to learn about life in the 1850s than through the voices of people, who lived the era? Hosted by Friends of Columbia, Stories in Stone is a comfortable evening stroll through the park’s historical cemetery where costumed guides will lead you on a lamplight tour of a dozen or so grave sites. There, other costumed docents will stand next to selected tombstones and tell you the stories of the deceased, whom they represent. People were attracted to the gold fields from all over the world. A few successfully discovered gold and became wealthy. Others “mined the pockets of the miners” by overcharging for provisions, supplies, tools and other implements. Most left the area as poor as when they started!

Through Stories in Stone’s interpretive presentations, their tales come alive as you hear about the joys, victories, difficulties and tragedies of their early pioneer times.

Stories in Stone is about people’s lives during one of the most famous periods in California history. It will give you a new perspective and respect for the sacrifices that individuals made in seeking better lives. This reenactment is a don’t miss for everyone with an interest in history.

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NOTE: Pleasewear warm, sensible clothing and shoes.
The walking tour is a dark, with uneven path with inclines.
Benches or chairs will be at each stop.